Blender for WonderMix

Blender for WonderMix
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Blender for WonderMix

The WonderMix Blender Attachment is the perfect companion to your WonderMix Kitchen Mixer. It is designed to blend, mix, grind, crush and puree a wide assortment of ingredients. With this attachment you can make your own wholesome drinks, smoothies, baby foods, soups, pancakes, sauces and more!

Typical blenders on the market run off 200-400 watt motors. The WonderMix Blender attaches to a direct drive transmission that runs off a powerful 900 watt motor.

The Blender Attachment could not be easier to use. Simply lock it into place on the top drive port by setting it on the port and turning it clockwise. Add your desired ingredients and then snap the lid onto the top of the blender. Line up the small funnel top with the notches in the cap. To add ingredients while blending, simply remove the funnel top and drop through the opening while the blender is running.

Blender Attachment Features:

  • Large 6 cup capacity
  • Cup measurements on sides
  • Very strong and durable
  • BPA free
  • Easy grip handle for pouring
  • Sealing lid that will not leak
  • Hole on top for easily adding ingredients while blending
  • Funnel on top for adding liquids
  • Sealed blender assembly in bottom
  • Lifetime lubricated blender bearing assembly
  • Extremely sharp, thick and heavy duty German steel blades
  • Lifetime warranty on Blender Bowl Shell
Manufacturer: WonderMill (Grote Molen, INC) Model: 70-WMBLENDER