Wonder Junior - BASIC Model - Hand Mill

Wonder Junior - BASIC Model - Hand Mill
Wonder Junior BASIC Model
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What Can it Mill?
What Can it Mill?
Parts & Accessories
Parts & Accessories

The Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill is packed with great features, a quality that lasts and a unique low price.

As our number one selling hand mill, this is the best. When a product is a number one seller there is always a reason.

The World's Best Hand Mill

It's a pretty big claim to call your product The World's Best. But we know that after you have used the Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill that you will agree. For years hand mills have either been really cheap or really expensive. Unfortunately their ability to perform has been directly related to their cost. The cheap ones perform poorly and the expensive ones perform great.  When the Wonder Junior was designed WonderMill set out to create the perfect storm in hand mills. And they wanted the versatility and high quality of the most expensive mills in a price range that was affordable to the homemaker. They found the perfect storm with the Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill.

The Wonder Junior is the highest quality most versatile hand mill available.  You can create super fine flour or coarse cracked grains for cereals. By simply swapping the stone heads for the *stainless steel burr heads you can make delicious peanut butter or other nut butters, you can grind flax or any other oily or wet grains, you can grind herbs and spices, soy beans, and legumes. And you can even grind fresh coffee. In all these applications you are assured to always have the perfect, fresh, nutritious ingredients for your family even if the power is out.  Professionals agree that the Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill is THE hand mill to own (see reviews). 

Features and Versatility

The Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill has amazing features at a very reasonable price. The whole mill is powder-coated making it safe to wash for easy clean up. The hopper is large and holds over one quart.  The octagon shape of the hopper makes it easy to fill. And because the Wonder Junior is one-piece construction you don't have to worry about the hopper coming off during milling like many other hand mill models. One of the greatest features of the Wonder Junior is its heavy-duty patented double clamp.  It attaches to tables or counters up to 2 inches thick. And once you clamp it down it never moves like other hand mills on the market that loosen up and shift around while turning the handle. The Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill uses extra large lifetime lubricated bearings and it has a heavy base that can be bolted to any table or counter.  

The Wonder Junior has options like no other hand mill.  The stone heads are one-third thicker than the competition which results in a smooth operation and a lifetime of use. In seconds, the high-quality *stainless steel burr heads can be put on the Wonder Junior for milling wet or oily grains.  This World's Best Hand Mill has the capacity to perform big jobs.  You don't have to worry about overloading the Wonder Junior because it is heavy-duty.  It is the most versatile hand mill available. The Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill will grind wheat, rice, other small grains. It will also grind legumes and beans as large as garbanzos. Furthermore, it will also grind oily seeds, nuts, herbs, and coffee with the stainless steel burrs. 

Ease of Use

The Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill is extremely easy to use.  You simply load the easy-fill hopper, turn the handle, and you'll get flour.  There are no small parts or gaskets to misplace. And cleaning the Wonder Junior is quick and easy. 

Peace of Mind

For added peace of mind, a Limited Lifetime Warranty is included with every Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill from the company which has been making quality electric mills for over ten years.

*Stainless Steel Burrs Only Sold Seperately or with the "Wonder Junior DELUXE Model"

Check out WillItGrind.com for more information on what you can grind with the WonderMill Junior Grain Mill

  • Wheat (Hard and Soft)
  • Buckwheat
  • Rye
  • Oats
  • Millet
  • Popcorn Kernels
  • Dried Field Corn
  • Triticale
  • Rice
  • Sorghum (Milo)
  • Split Peas
  • Chick Peas

The following can only be milled with the Stainless Steel Burrs Attachment:
  • Soybeans
  • Dried Pinto Beans
  • Dried Mung Beans
  • Dried Green Beans
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Nuts (all types)
  • Sesame Seeds
  • Flax Seed
  • Coffee Beans
  • Peanuts

"Yes, I liked what I got from Kodiak Health. I knew I liked it before I got it so also ordered 2 for Christmas presents. I was extremely pleased with your service - answering questions and making it possible to send the order to three different places and we all received them in a minimum amount of time."

Annette Draper - Billings, MT

"My husband raised his first crop of hard red wheat last year. We were curious about its comparison to the wheat we purchased for kitchen use. In order to bake with our home-grown wheat I needed a grinder. After a bit of research, the Wonder Junior looked right for us. . . . and it is! I especially appreciate being able to control the degree of fineness. We loved our first loaf of bread and will continue to work with the recipes to find just the right one!"

Carol A. Widman - Fairfield, WA

"We received our mill yesterday. We were so excited about it! After setting it up we did our first grind and were very impressed with how fine of flour it produced. We had fresh ground whole wheat pancakes for breakfast, and couldn't believe the taste and texture! We are looking forward to many years of grinding with out Wonder Junior."

Kerri Brooks - Augusta, KS

Manufacturer: WonderMill (Grote Molen, INC) Model: 70-WJBASIC