VacMaster (VP325) Reconditioned

VacMaster  (VP325) Reconditioned
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Chamber Size -17.25"x16.5"x7"

Seal Bar-Double Bar, 16.5" L Double Seal

Overall Dimensions-19"x22.5"x20"x

Pump-Bush Pump, Oil 1.5 HP 18 CFM

Vacuum Level-29.95 In. Hg. 1.33 MBars

Cycle Time-20-35 Seconds

Electrical Specifications-110V 60 Hz 20.0 Amps

Weight (Boxed)-248 lbs.

The VacMaster SVP-25 (VP325) is a heavy duty medium capacity vacuum packer. It is designed for larger commercial operations that require a high quality vacuum machine for anything from portion control to premade soups and sauces. It is perfect for private label products and the packaging of perishable foods. The SVP-25 (VP325) will handle bags up to 16" by 20" and it has a gas flush.

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Manufacturer: ARY VacMaster Model: 70-VP325USED