VacMaster SVP-15 (VP215) Recondtioned

VacMaster SVP-15 (VP215) Recondtioned
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Don't Let Your "Little" Pump Get in the Way
of Your "Big" Task

The VacMaster SVP-15 (VP215) is a heavy duty version of the SVP-10 (VP210). It uses a fast cycle and a 1/4 horsepower rotary oil pump. This pump will give up to five times the life of the SVP-10 (VP210) pump. It will also cycle almost twice the speed of the SVP-10 (VP210) thus saving you time and allowing you much heavier use of the machine.

The SVP-15 (VP215) chamber vacuum sealer will handle bags up to 10" by 15" and seems to best suit busy commercial operations that require high quality and speed. The SVP-15 (VP215) is perfect for portion control, soups, stocks, or sauces, the private labeling of products, or the sealing of perishable foods. Because of the 25 second sealing cycle of the SVP-15 (VP215) vacuum sealer, it is competitive with machines that cost almost twice as much.

This type of unit is a chamber machine. With this type of vacuum sealer the bag lies in the chamber, the air is totally sucked out of the chamber then the bag is sealed and vacuumed all in one fell swoop. It is optimal for those people who vacuum seal lots of things with liquids and juices because they stay in the bag.

Vacuum Sealed Salmon Fillets

The VacMaster SVP-15 (VP215) is completely USDA approved, meaning all surfaces are made of food grade material. This is important for deli's and restaraunts. The chamber is made of 100% Stainless Steel, measuring out to 10" x 13" x 5" (L x W x H). Thanks to the chamber technology it is a hands free unit.

Click on the tab above to Comparison Video of the SVP-10 (VP210) and the SVP-15 (VP215). See the difference between these two great vacuum sealers and see which one would best serve your needs.

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Download the VacMaster SVP-15 (VP215) Manual.


Manufacturer: ARY VacMaster Model: 70-VP215USED