Nutrimill Grain Mill (220 volt)

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WonderMill Grain Mill 240vFor a 240 volt grain mill that is UL and CSA and CE approved check out the WonderMill 220 / 240 volt grain mill.


The best tasting breads and pastries come from fresh ingredients.
The Nutrimill will provide you with the freshest and highest quality flour for all your baking needs. The Nutrimill is the first high speed stoneless flour mill with multitexture grinding. It's the perfect way to make flour. The Nutrimill uses TruGrind milling heads to mill grain into flour. There are no stones in this mill thus reducing heat and increasing the speed of grinding. These micronizing heads can produce a very fine flour and unlike other mills of this type on the market the Nutrimill can produce a courser texture for producing cornmeal and other cereal type flours. The Nutrimill incorporates a variable drive motor that lets you achieve the texture that you want for your baking needs. The Nutrimill is a dependable multifunction grainmill with a lifetime warranty. Coming soon from Nutrimill is an optional hand crank module that will allow for Nutrimill to be used without electricity.

Nutrimill Features

  • The Nutrimill is a high capacity (20 cups) flour mill. The largest on the market.
  • The Nutrimill has a 1 to 1 ratio for milling grain into flour - You simply fill the hopper once and get twenty cups of fresh flour.
  • The Nutrimill has three times the airflow for improved motor cooling and longer mill life.
  • The Nutrimill has the widest texture control from fine to cereal grain of any stoneless mill on the market.
  • The Nutrimill has the largest hopper and the largest bowl capacity (20 cups) on the market.
  • The Nutrimill has convenient cord storage. You simply pull out what you need.
  • The Nutrimill is 50% quieter than any other micronizing mill on the market.
  • A lifetime warranty is included with every Nutrimill for the original purchaser.

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Model: 70-Nutrimill