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Verona Assistent Mixer
(Electrolux DLX Assistent)

Verona Assistent Mixer<br />(Electrolux DLX Assistent)
The NEW Verona Assistent Mixer

What You Get
What You Get
Built to Last
Built to Last
The Magic Mill DLX mixer (Electrolux Assistant) has a unique way of making great dough and is the most durable mixer on the market with plenty of power. Plus, the DLX mixer gives you an open-top design and features that make mixing and clean-up easier than ever before.

Make Great Bread Dough!
The Magic Mill Assistant DLX mixer was made to create silky-smooth elastic dough with its unique roller and scraper design. As the bowl rotates, the roller and scraper simulate kneading the dough by hand. The DLX roller and scraper knead the dough without tearing it, unlike dough hooks, making the dough light and fluffy. After using the DLX roller and scraper, you may never use a dough hook again!

Durable Inside and Out!
The DLX mixer is the most reliable mixer we have ever sold. It has a direct drive motor with all stainless steel working parts, even the bowl is stainless steel. Because of its superior motor design and high torque transmission, the DLX mixer only needs 600 watts of power to do what other mixers (rated up-to 1400 watts) can do and more, without straining its motor or walking across your countertop! In all of our sales we have yet to have a warranty claim or motor failure on the DLX. You will have this quality mixer in your kitchen for years and years to come.

Versatile Enough for Any Job
The Magic Mill DLX mixer's huge 8 quart bowl can hold and mix enough dough to make 8-10 loaves of bread. You also get a separate 4 1/2 quart bowl and french whisks for smaller jobs. The variable speed control allows you to adjust for every application, from 45 to 130 RPMs. There are many attachments you can buy for the DLX mixer including a blender, grain mill, citrus juicer, vegetable slicer, meat mincer, strainer, grater, pasta discs, flaker mill and cookie press.

Easy Mixing and Clean-up:

  • Built-in 12 minute timer with auto shut-off.
  • Open-top bowl so you can easily pour your ingredients in while mixing.
  • No center cone in bowl to get in the way.
  • Dough will not climb above the top of the bowl while mixing.
  • Stainless steel bowl is sanitary and there are no seams or shafts where bacteria can collect.
  • Dishwasher safe so clean-up is a breeze.

If you want great dough from the most durable mixer on the market, choose the DLX Magic Mill Assistant Mixer.

DLX mixer Features:

  • Powerful 600 Watt double ball bearing motor.
  • Speed sensor automatically adjusts torque to the load.
  • Variable speed control adjusts to every application.
  • Built-in 12 minute timer with auto shut-off.
  • Extra large 8 quart (32 cups) stainless steel bowl.
  • Plus a 4 1/2 quart (18 cups) plastic bowl.
  • Dough Hook, French Whisks, Roller, Scraper, & Spatula.
  • Dishwasher safe parts.
  • 1 year Warranty
What comes in the Box:

What you get with the Magic Mill DXL mixer (Electrolux Assistent)

The DLX mixer includes an 8 quart stainless steel bowl, 4 1/2 quart plastic beater bowl, double beater/whisk, roller, scraper, dough hook, spatula and the power unit.

All parts dishwasher safe (except for the power unit).
A Note From The Service Department - (Husbands may appreciate this information)

The Magic Mill DLX Mixer is an Engineer's and repairman's dream.
First of all, the Magic Mill DLX Mixer is built like Pre World War II Machines - Built to last a lifetime. It's the last mixer you will ever buy.

It has a double ball bearing, high torque motor, and a lifetime lubricated sealed metal transmission. When you combine the power of the 600 watt motor with the gear ratio of this heavy duty transmission, there is no home mixer on the market today that even comes close to the torque and strength of the Magic Mill Mixer. The Magic Mill DLX Mixer can generate abundant power for any mixing requirement.

The Magic Mill motor is without doubt the best engineered motor available in a home mixer. It has 600 watts of power, advanced cooling, extra heavy motor windings for long life, and two large sealed lifetime lubricated ball bearings (one on each end of the motor). You will never burn out this motor. The direct drive geared belt system is strong and durable. Again, it is designed to last.

The electronics of the Magic Mill DLX Mixer are high quality solid state components powered by an extra heavy UL approved cord with strain reliefs on both ends. All made to Swedish standards.

The Magic Mill Mixer is a component system. It is a dream to work on (even though rarely necessary).
Four heavy torque bolts hold the bottom to the all metal housing. It won't crack or peel, like the plastic housings of its competitors. The screws all seat into metal threads, not plastic that can strip out over time.

By simply removing the bottom plate on the Magic Mill DLX Mixer you have three simple to remove components:

  1. The Magic Mill heavy duty motor (two large torque bolts).
  2. The all metal sealed transmission (three large torque bolts).
  3. The electrical switch board.

In minutes you can fix any component that had a problem (although they almost never do).

The Magic Mill sealed heavy duty, thirty-two cup, stainless steel pan cannot leak so you never have to worry about liquids getting into the transmission drive and rusting or damaging the bearings.

The sealed Magic Mill DLX Blender not only out performs the competition, but it won't leak fluids into the motor drive, like the competitors mixer which allows fluids that are not only messy to clean up and start to smell as they begin to rot inside the motor and transmission, but more that, because of the sealed bowl and blender, the Magic Mill DLX won't allow any fluids to leak and destroy the motor bearings and transmission drive.

The Magic Mill DLX Mixer, with its heavy duty motor and high torque metal transmission, will out perform many of the commercial mixers available today. The Magic Mill DLX Mixer is clean, strong, reliable, and a pleasure to use. You will never regret this purchase. Thirty years from now your Magic Mill DLX Mixer will be providing you the best mixing and food processing available.


"THANKS!! My wife loves me. My new mixer is awesome. It is so tough she mixed 8 loaves of 100% whole wheat bread. She's happy and when she is happy I am happy. You guys are great and I will be back! Thanks -- Dean"

Dean Brown - Woodland Hills, CA

Model: 70-M6220