The Hand Grain Mill For Preppers

Preppers and survivalists have a great need for a good reliable hand grain mill. If a disaster or economic hard times come, a good food supply with grains and a hand grain mill can help you make it through the toughest of times.

Our Recommended Hand Grain Mill

WonderMill Junior Hand Grain Mill Wonder Junior Deluxe by WonderMill
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Why Not The Country Living Grain Mill

For One, It Costs Twice As Much

The Country Living grain mill costs around $395, that is almost double the costs of the Wonder Junior grain mill. For just $45 more you could buy 2 Wonder Junior Deluxe grain mills so you could have a back up mill. For just $65 more you could get a Wonder Junior Deluxe hand grain mill and a WonderMill electric grain mill and really get the best of both worlds with out having to buy the $350 Country Living Motorization Kit.


NEW Wonder Junior Deluxe
Is Faster

That's right, with the improvements made in early 2011, the Wonder Junior Deluxe is now faster than the Country Living grain mill by about a half a cup more per minute (see video on the right). That's greater performance for half the price.

NO Mount,
Unlike the Wonder Junior Deluxe

The Country Living grain mill requires you to bolt the mill to you counter or table leaving holes and making it harder to setup and put away. The Wonder Junior Deluxe is so convenient with its double clamp mount that makes setup and putting it away so easy and fast, plus it hold very solid.

Not Very Versatile

If you plan on just grinding dry grains then the Country Living grain mill will probably do everything you need it to. If you want to grind oily or moister grains, nuts, seed, or spices then the Country Living may fail you but the Wonder Junior Deluxe won't. The Wonder Junior Deluxe can grind most anything you can fit down it, oily or not (see for more info). It can even grind your morning coffee ground from coffee beans.

"But the Country Living is
Built Like a Tank"

This is true but the Wonder Junior grain mill is not far from a tank itself. Everything about the Wonder Junior Deluxe is heavy duty, especially when compared to hand mills in its price range. The Wonder Junior is definitely a mill you will be able to pass on to your kids.

Prepping Professionals Recommend

Prepping professional who have tried the Wonder Junior Deluxe, like James Stevens and Donna Miller, now recommend the Wonder Junior Deluxe over all other hand grain mills. There is no need to pay twice as much for the Country Living grain mill when you can get the better performance, greater versatility, greater convenience, and heavy duty build that the Wonder Junior Deluxe gives you for just $219.

Isn't the Country Living the Best of Both Worlds

Drill Bit Attachment for the Wonder Junior Hand Grain MillThe Country Living grain mill is often referred to as the best of both worlds because it is a hand mill that can be motorized but so can the Wonder Junior. The Wonder Junior doesn't offer an expensive motor setup like the Country living but it does offer a Motorizing Pulley so you can connect it to a motor. The WonderMill now offers a Drill Bit Attachment you can connect to a Dewalt DW130V Heavy Duty Drill and power your Wonder Junior hand mill, the cost of the Drill and Attachment are much cheaper than motorizing you hand grain mill. In fact, you can buy the Drill, Wonder Junior Deluxe, and Drill Bit Attachment for the same price as the Country Living grain mill itself, with no extras.

Country Living Hand Grain Mill

Still Prefer the Country Living Grain Mill?

If you still want to buy the Country Living grain mill, despite our recommendation, then we can sell you that too. See our Country Living grain mill product page to order it.

Why Not a Cheap Hand Mill

The Back-To-Basics Grain Mill
Will Disappoint You!

Many preppers buy a cheap mill, like the Back-To-Basics hand mill, and put it away for the just in case. Those who have opened it and given it a try know that they may starve before they get enough flour to make something to eat. The quality of these really cheap mills is also very low, requiring you to buy multiple cheap mills for back up in order to keep any peace of mind in the long run.

The Wonder Junior is not cheap but the price is in the middle between the expensive mills and the cheap mills but you get the quality of the expensive mills and greater performance.

What Else Is The Wonder Junior Deluxe For

The Wonder Junior Deluxe is also great for everyday use in your kitchen now, not just for emergencies. Not only can you grind dry grains for breads and such but you can grind all kinds of other stuff for specialty cooking, gluten-free baking, and fresh ground ingredients for better health, diet adjustments, and money savings.

One interesting thing we learned lately is that the Wonder Junior Deluxe can make almond flour from raw almonds. If you buy almond flour from the store, this mill can save you lots of money in the long run and give you a fresher better tasting almond flour that has not lost nutritional value sitting on the shelf.

With its all new aggressive auger, the Wonder Junior Deluxe can also make nut butters faster than any hand grain mill. And the list goes on and on... (again, see for a more complete list of what it can grind)


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