Fresh Bread in 2 Easy Steps

Homemade BreadHomemade bread couldn't be easier. The Zojirushi Bread Machines are built to produce great loaves of bread with minimal effort. Here's all it takes:

  1. Place ingredients in pan. Yes we realize you'll have to rummage through your pantry and actually find all of the ingredients, but you're a well organized individual so this should be a piece of cake (or bread as it were), Once you've found everything just plop it in the pan and place the pan in your machine.

  2. Select the cycle. While this can be confusing the first couple of times you'll get faster and faster until one glorious day in the very near future you'll be capable of doing it in your sleep.

That's it. Let the machine do it's job while you go about your busy day. But don't stop here you can make all kinds of things with a Zojirushi. Of course Zojirushi isn't the only bread maker that can easily make many things, so why choose Zojirushi?

"My husband got me the bread machine for Christmas and I love it! I had used my old machine for about 15 years and it was in sorry shape, so my new one is fabulous! I have used it almost everyday since Christmas! Thanks for making a great product."
Dianne T. - Missoula, MT