Finally A Line of Vacuum Sealers
That Can Handle Your Load!

You catch fish. Lots of fish. Big ones.
You need a vacuum sealer that won't slow you down. You need VacMaster.

Why do professional fishing guides choose VacMaster?

1. Professionals know that if their customers are happy they will have repeated business. They know that six months after the big fishing trip when there customer is dining on a mouth watering fillet that tastes like it just came out of the ocean, THAT customer will come back next year. VacMaster preserves flavor up to 10 times longer than traditional freezer wraps.

2. Professionals know that quality pays off. VacMaster uses only food grade USDA approved materials, and only the highest quality stainless steel.

3. Professionals know that the large rotary oil pumps used by VacMaster are the best in the world. These pumps provide years and years of reliable service, you won't worry that the machine will burn out or fail from over use.

Here's what the pro's say: "In my business fresh taste is the most important ingredient. Fresh fish are available at random times so, when we can get fresh fish we buy in quantity. The trick is locking in the fresh taste so when the customer orders a trout in an onion and caper marinade it tastes like it was pulled from the Teton River that morning...the VacMaster VP215 is our choice for locking in that fresh taste. It not only locks in the taste, but it saves us money in portion control...Lots of money! There's nothing better than VacMaster, it's dependable and easy to use."
-- Chef Aaron of Fin Springs Ranch, Teton Valley Idaho

Our Recommended Machines:

VacMaster VP112

VacMaster VP215

VacMaster Pro 160

Why should I use a vacuum sealer?

Food purchasing is a tough task, beef is on sale one day, cheese the next, and fresh vegetables can be a rare commodity at different times of the year. Savvy shoppers save big bucks by buying in bulk. But nothing can be more costly than throwing away freezer burned or stale foods. With a VacMaster vacuum sealer you are in control, you can buy when the price is down and the quality is up. Your food will taste as fresh as the day you bought it and you will save lots of money and time. No more oxidation, freezer burn, and nasty tasting foods. Included is the benefit of never wondering where your going to find fresh foods, now you can simply look in your own freezer.

Professional chefs have always known that preparing in advance and portion controlling saves lots and lots of money, however with the VacMaster vacuum sealers the most efficient and professional chefs have taken portion control savings to the extreme. The savings are big and the tastes are the ultimate in freshness.

Cost comparison savings are simple to figure: you buy in bulk at low prices and with a VacMaster vacuum sealer those savings will stay fresh up to 10 times longer than the traditional freezer wrap. That's up to ten times the savings in your pocket, soon you will be known as the shrewdest shopper in the neighborhood.

What vacuum sealer is better:
External or Chamber?

External Vacuum Sealer:

Almost everyone has seen the cheap home vacuum sealer made in China. These are what we call "External" vacuum sealers. The product is placed in the bag and the air is sucked out the end of the bag and then the heat seals it shut. These machines vary in quality and usually can process 3-5 bags before they overheat and shut down. They simply are not made for heavy use. They are messy, hard to use, and the bags are expensive (up to 10 times more than chamber vacuum sealer bags). Also, many times the bag being sealed fails in the freezer because of moisture that is sucked into the end of the bag. The food freezer burns and is then wasted. In our testing of all the external machines on the market, we have only found one that is a quality product, it is the Pro 160 by VacMaster. This machine is made of food grade stainless steel instead of cheap plastic. More than the strong stainless steel body is the powerful dual piston pump. It is the premier external vacuum sealer on the market.

Pros to buying an "External" Vacuum Sealer:

  • The machine is inexpensive to purchase

Cons to buying an "External" Vacuum Sealer:

  • Vacuum sealer bags are up to 10 times as expensiveMachines are not made for heavy use
  • Seals frequently break

Chamber Vacuum Sealer:

You will never see frustration on the face of a chamber vacuum sealer owner. Serious fishermen and professional guides worldwide will tell you, "You get what you pay for when you buy a chamber vacuum sealer." And you really do. Amazingly, despite the fact that chamber vacuum sealers are usually up to 6 times more expensive than an external vacuum sealer, in a short amount of time you will actually start saving money because of the lower cost of the bags used. External type vacuum sealer bags are up to 10 times more expensive than chamber type vacuum sealer bags. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to do the math and see the savings, let alone the fact that chamber vacuum sealers are easier to use and last up to 10 times as long. In a short amount of time you will find you are saving money and a lot happier.

Pros to buying a "Chamber" Vacuum Sealer:

  • Easier to useBetter results with the food stored up to 10 times the life span
  • Pays for itself in bag savings. Bags are at least 10 times less expensive.

Cons to buying a "Chamber" Vacuum Sealer:

  • Initial cost is higher

Comparison Video - External vs. Chamber:

Why Serious Fishermen Choose VacMaster Vacuum Sealers:

Vacuum seal and freeze your fish safely for up to 10 times the freezer life.

Easily marinate your fish and meats (simply add your favorite marinade to the bag with your meat in it then vacuum seal). All of the marinade will be forced deep into the meat for the best tasting barbecue you have ever experienced.

Prepare and store your minnows and skein easily and longer with no mess or smell.