Frequently Asked Questions About HealthTouch ElectroAcupuncture


What is HealthTouch?

It's a self treatment instrument which offers you drug-free pain relief and treatment of more than 140 common ailments such as migraine, asthma, high blood pressure, arthritis and stress, as well as acute pain from sports injuries, accidents or chronic conditions.

How does it work?

HealthTouch stimulates precise points which are linked to electromagnetic channels, called meridians, that run through our bodies and are a completely different arrangement to the nervous system. These stimulate your body's own healing system to function again to return you to good health without drugs.

Can it treat everything in the manual?

All the treatments that are in the manual are there because research has shown that acupuncture has a good result. Some treatments however do not have our 80/90% target, Tinnitus for instance has only a 55% success rate but even this is 55% better than orthodox medicine.

How long does it take to work?

In most cases it can work within minutes of the first treatment. Acute problems can be gone within a couple of days - chronic such as arthritis problems may need daily treatment for a month, but eventually may even disappear completely for up to two years before more treatment is needed.

Does HealthTouch have to be applied by a trained acupuncturist?

NO! The wonderful advantage of HealthTouch is that it is a self-treat unit, which has sophisticated technology to enable you to find the precise points to treat on your own body. HealthTouch is NOT invasive - it does not use needles, but a mild electronic impulse.

Is it safe?

YES! HealthTouch is completely safe - so safe that you can use it on anyone - even young babies, the frail and the very old. The only people that should take guidance on using HealthTouch are those with a heart pacemaker and mothers in the early stages of pregnancy.

Can you overdo it?

NO! You can use HealthTouch as often and as long as you feel necessary - the length and frequency of treatment will depend on the ailment you are treating and how badly you are suffering.

Can I use with drugs or other treatments?

YES! In fact HealthTouch will probably speed up the effect of treatment and can shorten recovery time dramatically. Drugs can slow down the work of HealthTouch, so we advise you in consultation with your physician to stop taking painkillers as soon as you are able.

Is it like Ultrasound?

NO! Ultrasound uses sound waves to stimulate blood flow to a specific area. It should be used with considerable care. HealthTouch is completely safe, using mild electronic impulses at precise points on the body to promote healing as well as long-lasting pain relief.

Is it like TeNS?

NO! The TeNS machine works on the nervous system by blocking the pain signals and is only for temporary relief of pain. The TeNS machine, which is strapped on with sticky pads, uses electric current 3,000 times stronger than HealthTouch (which can have unpleasant side effects) See - How does it work?

How do you find the right point?

HealthTouch has a built-in detector that indicates with a light and a high-pitched buzz when you have found the spot (within 0.5mm). You also feel a definite tingling sensation on the spot which is your confirmation that you are on the right spot. If you do not feel anything on the point then you have "missed the point".

Is is difficult to use?

NO! It may take a little bit of practice to start with, but the unit comes with a good instruction video and a book showing all the treatment points. You can also get help and advice from your local user group if you need it.

Does it hurt?

NO! You will feel a tingling sensation on the correct point only, but you can then turn the power down to suit you - and when the tingling has subsided you know you're really getting better.

Does HealthTouch just mask the pain?

NO! Painkilling drugs mask the pain and don't solve the problem - this can lead to chronic conditions. HealthTouch actually stimulates the body's own healing system without the use of drugs and helps get rid of the pain rather than just masking it. If you have a serious problem requiring treatment the warning pain will return quickly with HealthTouch, not with drugs!

What are acupuncture points?

These were discovered by Chinese doctors thousands of years ago; the points are all over the body and act like tiny switches when, traditionally, very fine needles are applied by acupuncture experts. With the help of modern technology, HealthTouch avoids the use of needles and enables everyone to treat themselves safely and effectively.

Does HealthTouch actually cure things or just relieve the pain?

It depends on the ailment. If the problem is beyond recovery (such as a knee cartilage that has completely degenerated, for instance) HealthTouch cannot provide a cure, but it will stop pain and stiffness and prevent further deterioration. With normal acute and chronic pain and non-pain conditions, the stimulation of the body's own healing system can often lead to a full recovery.

How long does the pain relief last?

There are no hard and fast rules, of course, but once treatment has started to take effect (within minutes in some cases), acute pain relief can last for up to 24 hours between treatments. Chronic but recoverable conditions can be pain-free for between six months and two years.

Can I reach every point on my body?

HealthTouch's extension lead and probe mean you can reach almost everywhere, even on your back. If you are frail or very stiff, of course, it will be easier to have someone to help you.

What are the ear clips for?

The ear (auricular) clips are to treat conditions such as stress, addiction and anxiety. Those wanting to give up tobacco, alcohol, tranquilizers, even hard drugs, can use the clips for effective help in withdrawal. You can also use the clips for up to 30 minutes to induce general relaxation.

How long is the guarantee?

The HealthTouch is guaranteed for 12 months with an optional guarantee extension to 5 years for a small payment.

What does the medical profession say about HealthTouch?

This form of treatment is being used by medical practitioners all over the world. In Britain, where HealthTouch is manufactured, it is already in use in hospitals and clinics and is growing steadily in popularity. The Physiotherapists in the Blackpool Hospitals quote a 9 out of 10 success rate used in chronic pain problems.

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