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HealthTouch is effective on over 150 different ailments. It can be used safely and effectively by anyone - whether a young baby or senior citizen.

As with any medical device, you should always seek the advice of a qualified medical practitioner to ensure a correct diagnosis - BEFORE treating yourself.

It would take a very large amount of space to detail all the suitable areas of treatment, so we are simply listing a few common examples, along with testimonies from satisfied users. If you would like specific advice as to whether HealthTouch can be used to treat your particular ailment, please contact us, and we will advise you of the appropriate treatment.

Please select the appropriate link for information on the following ailments that can be treated by the HealthTouch ElectroAcupuncture unit.

Arthritis Back Pain Neck Pain
(Post Viral Syndrome)
Migraines Hips
Knees Insomnia Asthma


There are two main types of arthritis: Osteoarthritis, which in lay terms is due to wear and tear of the joint, and Rheumatoid arthritis which is a form of arthritis where the joints have become inflamed. In general Osteoarthritic pain will respond faster to ElectroAcupuncture treatment than rheumatoid arthritis which needs many treatments.

Surprisingly, doctors still do not know what actually causes arthritis - whatever the various schools of thought speculate on as to its cause, the one thing we are sure of is that the real problem is that the normal healing function of the body is no longer doing its job of looking after the repair of the damage being caused by the Arthritis.

What HealthTouch does is to stimulate this healing function to repair the damage caused by the Arthritis on the joint. The first thing that happens is that you will get almost immediate pain relief in many cases. Then with continuing treatment it is possible to get some regeneration of the damaged area.


Will this cure the Arthritis?

HealthTouch is treating the damage caused by the Arthritis - the condition itself must be treated with other measures such as nutrition. However, from a patient's point of view, the fact that many HealthTouch users are now completely free from all symptoms of their arthritis does suggest that the relief given by ElectroAcupuncture is very close to a cure. To illustrate the point, the following quote is from a letter that we received in October 1995 from a Mrs Joan Darnell of Lytham, Lancs:

"I have had arthritis in the knees for about four years. It was getting progressively worse by the month - I was having to crawl up stairs and I had almost constant pain. Although I was very skeptical of gaining any relief, I tried the HealthTouch and really thought it was a waste of time!

The day after my first treatment with HealthTouch my friend and I went to town. Suddenly my friend exclaimed 'Joan! you just walked up those stairs' - I was amazed at that moment - I had no pain - no stiffness - I could walk up and down stairs!

That was over a year ago and I would recommend the HealthTouch as the most effective arthritis treatment ever devised".

There are many other people who have obtained equally marvelous results in treating their arthritis - these are just some of their comments

"Thank you for HealthTouch. For years now, I am in my mid-sixties, I have suffered from arthritis of the thumbs to an extent that the pain at times would be such that I would drop the things I was holding. HealthTouch seemed a good idea. Almost immediately I got relief and within days all pain was gone and movement of my thumbs became normal. As far as I am concerned I am cured, although I was advised (by the company) that HealthTouch was not a cure but could provide relief.

My wife remained unconvinced however, and suffered from what I can only call 'creaky knees'. You could hear them when they moved, and she had some pain. One day it was so great that I suggested that she let me try the HealthTouch on her. She was amazed at the almost instant relief that she received and now all 'creaks' have gone and she can walk much easier.

Many thanks for HealthTouch, whose use for a few minutes a day provides us both with great relief". Harry Bachelor, Warwickshire, UK

"I had been on arthritis medication for 17 years and the doctors told me the next stop was knee replacement. I used HealthTouch 3 times a day the first week, twice a day the second week and once a day the third week.

Now I'm off the pills and walking normally. Sure, I still use the HealthTouch every day. It has become part of my life, but my knees only get some occasional pain now and I can do just about anything I want". Ariene, Seattle, USA

"I thought you would like to know how much help the HealthTouch has been with the arthritis in the knuckles of my hands. Since using the HealthTouch I haven't taken any drugs for this problem". W. Maxwell, Yorkshire, UK

"We purchased your HealthTouch in September 1992 in order to relieve the pain from arthritis, which has been apparent over the past 5 to 6 years. The relief is amazing - particularly in my knee joints". B. Clack, Dorset, UK

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Back Pain

Back pain is one of the greatest causes of chronic pain in the UK, 80% of people suffer from it in one form or another. As I can personally testify, it can be totally debilitating - not to mention excruciatingly painful. Thankfully, HealthTouch has proved to be highly effective in treating back problems.

Back pain can be caused in many different ways. However, because the HealthTouch unit simply stimulates the body's own healing system, it is effective over vast range of back-related problems.

One of the first people to experience the effect of using HealthTouch was Mr Len Haslam, who lives in Blackpool. He had been suffering from severe degeneration of the discs in his lower back and was faced with a very uncertain future. His consultant had been unable to offer much hope and the operation that was on offer carried a risk of his being confined to a wheelchair.

Fortunately, the hospital where he was being treated had recently begun using HealthTouch units in their physiotherapy department, and the senior physiotherapist was keen to try it on Mr Haslam. They embarked on an intensive course of treatment and within months the results were astonishing. He was able to walk easily, the pain was gone and there was no longer any need to consider an operation. In Mr Haslam's own words:

"My specialist told me that with 75% degeneration of the spine there was nothing that could be done and all I had to look forward to was a life of pain. Luckily the physiotherapist at the hospital recommended HealthTouch. I can now garden, bowl and walk miles - all pain free"

That was over three years ago. He is still active and pain free and enjoying his new-found physical freedom.

Since that time, many HealthTouch units have been in use throughout the UK, USA and Canada, and many others have had just as exciting results:

"I started treatment with the HealthTouch in February 1995 for shoulder and upper and lower back pain. My shoulders felt like they had sand in them and when I tried to move them, I could not raise my hands above my head without extreme pain. My upper and lower back hurt all the time. I was often going to the chiropractor to have adjustments.

I have had these problems for several years. Since treating with HealthTouch I can raise my arms above my head and really have no pain in the shoulders. My back pain is also gone so my trips to the chiropractor have nearly stopped. I only go when a vertebrae is totally out". Ray C. Coles, Idaho, USA

"I began to wish that HealthTouch had been around during the 80s when I had suffered a very painful 'slipped' disc. I had suffered for several years and, occasionally, I would lift something awkwardly and suffer a relapse - these would lead to several weeks of physiotherapy, pain and much frustration with being unable to do even the simplest of things - such as tie up my own shoelaces! I must have wished too hard! I was showing my youngest daughter that her dad was really rather good at DIY when I bent over awkwardly and realized that I could not get back up.

Lying on my bed, I realized that I had an ideal opportunity for first-hand research into the effectiveness of HealthTouch. It was an opportunity that I would have gladly missed! However, I got my wife to start treating my back and I have to say that I was astonished at the immediate relief and reduction in the muscle spasm that had 'locked' my back.

To my surprise, I was able to move around and work - albeit slowly - the next day, and within three days I had reached the point that previously would have taken at least two weeks of intensive physiotherapy to reach. By the end of the second week of treatment, I had stopped using the HealthTouch unit and was completely back to health.

I can honestly say that the results I got were astonishing and have been permanent". Chris Head, London, UK.

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Neck Pain

This is another very common problem that has many causes; not just those of disease, but also injury - 'whiplash' accidents are a very common occurrence on todays roads.

HealthTouch can be highly effective in treating neck problems as the following testimonies show:

"The HealthTouch is super! It fixed my sore neck in just one treatment - better than the chiropractor". Mille - Idaho, USA

"I write to say how very pleased I am with your HealthTouch. I have had four spinal operations now with left-over aches and pains; also, recently I had a whiplash neck injury. I came to hear of your HealthTouch, and get benefit from it through a friend. Through her using it on me, I was made aware how important and necessary it would be for me". Barbara Moses, Hampshire, UK

"I am 46 and for the last 15 years have suffered increasingly from neck and back problems. My doctor could offer little advice other than to prescribe pain-killers. Although my problem was not severe enough to result in time off work or to prevent me from leading a fairly normal life, it did cause me considerable distress and discomfort. The continual background of stiffness and pain was, apart from anything else, very debilitating.

Last June, I visited your exhibition stand. On that particular day my back was troubling me considerably and I was having walking with any comfort. Thinking that nothing could be lost I asked for a demonstration of the HealthTouch device, and was so impressed that I agreed to take up the offer of a months trial.

During the following three weeks I treated my neck and back two to three times a day and gradually began to notice a marked improvement. The stiffness decreased, I had greater flexibility and movement and the nagging pain in my neck and lower back suddenly wasn't there any more! I decreased my treatment to once a day and then to two to three times a week - needless to say I had by this time decided to keep my HealthTouch!

A year later I can still hardly believe my good luck in discovering your device and tell everyone I possibly can about it. Even my husband, who was initially rather cynical of its ability has had to admit he was wrong! Thank you and I wish you every future success". Isobel Sleigh, Northants, UK

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Because HealthTouch is very often used for what one could would describe as 'physical' ailments such as arthritis or back-pain, many people seem to forget that it can be extremely effective in treating many other medical conditions.

As you will probably be aware, asthma is reaching epidemic proportions and has become one of the major illnesses effecting people today. Medically speaking, the treatment is basically a cocktail of drugs - most of which have unpleasant (or worse) side-effects.

HealthTouch acts on the body's immune system, enabling the asthma to be tackled 'at source' providing long-term relief without the harmful drugs.

Dr Kenyon carried out a study on the effects of Electroacupuncture on asthmatic patients - in particular, the long-term effects of such treatment. The work was centered around the fact that there were several well documented medical trials on the use of acupuncture in asthma with excellent short-term outcomes as measured by Peak Flow Meters, but with poor long-term results. He felt that it would be sensible for treatment to be given on a regular twice-daily basis, by the patients themselves using the electronic unit - something that is prohibitively expensive and inconvenient with traditional methods.

The results showed that two-thirds of the patients were able to significantly reduce their inhaled steroid dose by over half after just one month of treatment. These results were obtained using a pre-production version of HealthTouch - the production version has been shown to produce measurably better results in direct comparisons.

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M.E. (Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome)

The 20th century seems to have spawned several ailments that have not been seen before. Originally labeled 'Yuppie Flu', ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) has gradually become more widely researched and accepted as a genuine illness. Unfortunately, conventional methods of treatment are pretty ineffective.

HealthTouch has already established itself at the forefront of treatment regimes for ME. Pioneering work has been carried out at the Pilgrim Trust Hospital in Boston, Lincolnshire, UK, by Dr Derek Parkin. His department has been using HealthTouch for treating ME - along with existing methods - since 1994 and have now established it as the primary treatment for the illness. After the first few months of using HealthTouch, Dr Parkin wrote:

"I have been very impressed by the outcome with these patients, which seems to telescope the effects previously achieved by other therapies such as hypnosis and counseling etc. The major features that the patients comment on are relief of pain, clearing of the head, recall of short term memory, diminution in tinnitus/nausea, but most importantly, return of energy.

I was so excited by the outcome... that I recalled others on my list that would not have normally seen me for another couple of months - and had equally good success".

Dr Parkin's successes were also echoed by another medical doctor, Dr Andrew Midgley. He is a doctor who himself suffered ME for 20 years and then personally used HealthTouch to treat his own condition with great success - so much so that he now recommends HealthTouch in his new book "A Life Worth Living". This book details his difficulties over the past 20 years and how he managing to overcome ME with the aid of HealthTouch and other strategies.

Dr Midgely says in his book "HealthTouch...has improved my energy levels and reduced my general tendency to allergic conditions. I use the appropriate points for ME, weariness, depression and insomnia and use it every morning - I can feel it increasing my energy levels. I would certainly recommend that you try it".

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This is a problem suffered by thousands of people and, frustratingly, there is usually no apparent reason and so the medical profession tends to take a purely symptomatic approach - providing sleeping tablets - rather than getting to the root cause of the loss of sleep.

HealthTouch tackles the problem directly and can reduce a person's dependence on sleep inducing drugs. There is really very little to add, other than the fact that it works! Once again, I quote from HealthTouch users who have used the unit to treat their insomnia:

"I bought a HealthTouch instrument at the NEC - I gave it a lot of thought, but decided that as I suffered from Insomnia and Irritable Bowel Syndrome I had nothing to lose, particularly because of the 30 day return period. Not quite three weeks later I am now sleeping through the night.

I certainly feel much better during the day as I am a person who needs a lot of sleep and found it difficult to cope with my very demanding job (I am a nursery teacher)". Carole Goodge, Bedfordshire, UK.

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For those who suffer from migraines, they can be the most debilitating ailment imaginable - to those who have never had one, they often wonder how a 'headache' can be a problem. Migraines are not 'just a headache'. They can last for many hours and are often accompanied by sensations of flashing lights, nausea and vomiting.

Migraines appear to respond very well to HealthTouch. Not only does it effectively reduce and remove the symptoms of a fully developed migraine, but if used regularly, can prevent them starting in the first place. Faced with the alternative of powerful drugs - which are not always effective - migraine sufferers have found HealthTouch to be the ideal solution. Just to show that HealthTouch is truly International, the following testimonies are all from the USA

"My 19 year old son had severe migraines and nothing had ever given him relief. I treated him twice, about 10 minutes apart, and his migraine left. Now he has his own HealthTouch". Jim, Idaho, USA.

"I got a call from our neighbor asking for some children's Tylenol because her grand-daughter had a headache. I said 'why don't you try your HealthTouch?' She did, and the headache was gone - bang, just like that". Larry, Idaho, USA.

"I was introduced to the HealthTouch at a show in the Salt Lake City Salt Palace. I was in the second day of a full-blown migraine when Larry gave me a treatment and told me to walk around for a while, then come back and tell him how I felt. Well I went back to tell him it didn't work - it felt a little better at first, but then the pain came right back. He asked me to try it again and I reluctantly agreed. This time it felt better quicker.

Larry told me to go ahead and buy it, take it home and treat myself as often as necessary until the migraine was gone, and then to try treating preventatively. I did, and guess what? I have not had a migraine since - that was three months ago. It is really great to be fully functional and feel good about life every day". Carol, Utah, USA.

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Hip pain is most commonly caused by arthritis, but can also be caused as a result of a fall. As with all joint problems, HealthTouch can be extremely effective in providing long-tern relief. As with other HealthTouch users, those treating the hip seem to be delighted with their results:

"My wife has suffered for years from hip pains. This has meant regular visits to an osteopath. Since using HealthTouch for the past three months, she has had instant relief from the pain and discomfort". Peter Manners, Staffordshire, UK.

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There seem to be a vast number of people who suffer from knee problems, Arthritis being the most common cause, but there seem to be many others - including sports injuries. The debilitating effect can be substantial and therefore an effective treatment regime can prove a godsend to those who suffer.

Knees respond extremely well to the HealthTouch unit - very often, noticeable results can be obtained after the very first treatment. The long-term results have proved to be excellent.

"I pride myself in living a particularly healthy and active life. Two years ago, at age 88, I was still running a retirement center for veterans when I was struck down with crippling arthritis in my knees. Within a short time I was reduced to walking with sticks. Three months ago I found HealthTouch. Now, at age 90, I have not got a twinge or any stiffness in either knee and I look forward to a pain free future". Lou Simon, Edmonton, Canada.

"I am a nursing sister in a trauma hospital. It was a 'good day' when I went to the NEC earlier this year but even so, I was hobbling around and thinking I would have to go. I stopped by your stand and watched someone having their ankle treated - there was quite a crowd.

I sat down. My swollen knee was 'zapped' with the HealthTouch and I was told to walk round for an hour. 'Oh yeah?' I thought, but to my surprise the knee was pain free apart from a dull niggle at the most acute point! I was able to enjoy the show and although I didn't actually take part in the aerobics displays it was more because of my excess weight than my knees.

Back to your stand for further discussions and I came away with the boxed set. It is the best thing I could ever have done. Without exaggeration my life has been changed". Mollie Heslip, West Midlands, UK.

"I was concerned when my Doctor told me that the planned spring operation for my replacement knees could still leave me in pain and may only last about 15 years at best. I was even more concerned about the possibility that my insurance may not cover future replacements. I really did not believe that HealthTouch could make such a difference, and so quickly. It did, and I have now cancelled my operation and am looking forward to the future with new-found confidence." Clayton, Idaho, USA.

And so the list continues.

It can often seem as though HealthTouch is a 'miracle cure', treating anything from Acne to asthma. However, because of the fact that it stimulates our body's own healing system, it can indeed be used for almost any ailment that we may be faced with during our lifetime.

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HealthTouch is not a substitute for professional medical advice. For your own well being you should always seek the opinion of a qualified medical practitioner. HealthTouch provides a means of safe, effective, convenient and drug-free self-treatment that can be applied anytime or anywhere.

Animal Treatment

ElectroAcupuncture has proven to be highly effective in treating animals, particularly Horses and Dogs. HealthTouch is now available in a version specifically designed for Horse treatment -


The EquiHealth treatment kit enables you to:

  • Be assured that the points are correct for the problem
  • Accurately locate the treatment points
  • Deliver the correct stimulation for the safest and most effective relief.


There are two methods for using the EquiHealth:

1. Remote Probe with Bridle Clip

This is the method of choice. It ensures an excellent electrical contact with the bridle clip and enables accurate location of treatment points using the remote probe. Ensure that the bridle clip is firmly attached (fig. a) and that the probe is held perpendicular to the animals skin (fig b), taking care not to touch the metal part of the probe with your fingers.

fig. a
fig. b


2. Integral treatment probe.

This method requires greater care in ensuring a good electrical contact and should only be used when, for various reasons, it is not possible to use the bridle clip and remote probe. To create the circuit, it is essential that the operator's remote hand (the one not holding the unit) makes good contact with the skin of the animal and ideally by (where possible) holding onto the ear flap (where there is least hair).

It is essential that the operator's remote hand, and the area of skin being held, should be moistened to ensure good electrical contact.

With both methods, if you experience difficulty in locating the treatment points - particularly in the case of very dry skin - it may also be necessary to moisten the skin in the area of the point when searching with the probe.

To moisten use: Salt water, Conductive Gel, Aloe-Vera Gel or other suitable wet conductors in the area of the acupuncture point.

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