The Benefits of Wool Mattress Pads

Softness and Support - The deep pile, virgin wool used in SnugFleece wool mattress pads provides supreme relaxation. Wools naturally crimped fibers are springy to the touch and have a built-in resilience that resists body impressions. SnugFleece and SnugSoft wool mattress pads are designed for total comfort that you cannot get from synthetics. The cushioning support of wool fibers distribute your body wieght evenly, cradling your every move. Pressure on hips, shoulders, and heels is relieved resulting in uninterrupted, quality sleep.

Warm in the Winter - Wool has a unique ability to act as a natural thermostat. Wool is a natural insulator. The fibers repel each other, creating air pockets that trap body heat . The spaces between the wool fibers allow this warm air to circulate next to the body providing warmth on the coldest nights. A consistent body temperature will keep you from tossing and turning all night, resulting in a deeper, more restful sleep.

Cool in the Summer - When asleep, the body temperature mechanism begins to shut down. Water vapor is lost through the pores of the skin. A large volume of moisture can accumulate next to the skin and cause a sticky, clammy feeling, especially in humid climates. Porous and permeable, tiny holes in the outside layer of wool allows moisture to pass through. Wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture and still feel dry. Because of this wicking ability, moisture is drawn into the wool fiber (Great for those with night sweats or in menopause). Body heat evaporates the moisture, and it is released back into the atmosphere. Sheets remain cool and dry providing a crisp, comfortable surface in hot, muggy summer months.

Customer Testimonials

"The best purchase we have made - It is all you claim." - M.B., Moses Lake, WA

"I have found that for once, your advertising does everything it said it would. I am very pleased." - C.H., Spokane, WA

"Wonderfully, deleciously soft beneathe me. Gracias!" - R.T., Rockaway Park, NY

"I was skeptical - but it's wonderful. Comfortable, warm, cozy." - E.M., Cos Cob, CT

"I have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and a work related injury and this SnugFleece is wonderful! My body feels better now when I get up in the morning. Thanks!" - B.S., Herndon, VA

"My wife and I were attracted to your claims for your SnugFleece Sleeper as we both suffer discomfort in bed due to arthritis. When we purchased [pads] for our twin beds we were assured that if we were not completely satisfied after a reasonable time, we could return them for a full refund. We want you to know that we are more than satisfied and that if we could not replace them you cound not buy them back from either of us for $1,000." - J.S., Pocatello, ID

"Exceedingly Soft & Warm. Great for my back." - O.W., Osborne, PA

"Replaced our electric blankets." - O.W., Waukegan, IL

"We love it! We've never slept better!" - D.W., Waite Park, MN

"I never thought of putting wool on my bed in the warm weather. I thought it'd be too hot. Wrong, wrong, wrong! It's so cuddly." - D.M., New York, NY

"My husband is arthritic and enjoys the cushioning. I just enjoy feeling pampered." - W.G., Raymond, WA

"We needed something to keep us sleeping cool on hot nights. I didn't think wool was the answer but gave it a desperate try. A wool mattress pad really does make for cooler sleeping on hot nights. And the 30 day return made it no risk. It arrived very quickly." - S.S., Rathdrum, ID

"A beautiful product that was exactly as described on the web site. Fit was perfect, and quality was very high. I felt that I received a great deal; the product was shipped promptly and very well packaged. Thank you again, and I am sure that I will be a repeat customer." - A.M., Nevada City, CA