Commercial Vacuum Packaging

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Chamber Machine vs. External Machine Video

After more than fifteen years of selling commercial vacuum packaging machines we at Kodiak Health have found the VacMaster brand to be the highest quality, easiest to use, and most economical machines on the market. VacMaster machines can be found in Delis, Restaurants, Hotels, and homes throughout the world. They will perform well for whatever need you have and offer you a lifetime of service.

VacMaster commercial grade vacuum packaging machines provide professional quality vacuum packaging at a price up to 40% lower in cost than their competition. These quality machines are made in America.

A few advantages of vacuum packaging with VacMaster are:

  • Increases the shelf life of foods three to four times longer than normal store packaging.

  • Allows for bulk buying and food storage, thus increasing profits.

  • Protects the flavor, aroma, and overall quality of prepared foods.

  • Allows for portion cooking as well as reducing the preparation of cooking time.

  • Features barrier proof pouches that reduce waste through evaporation and freezer burn.

Downloadable Manuals for ARY VacMaster vacuum sealers:
VacMaster Pro-150 Manual
VacMaster SVP-10 & 15 Manual
VacMaster SVP-20, 30, & 40 Manual
VacMaster BS-16 Manual