Bosch Mixers




The Bosch Universal Plus Mixer is definately one of the top products on the market. The design of this high end, multi-function kitchen machine makes food preparation easier and better.

Companies that have a reputation for superior engineering, quality, longevity and service work diligently to protect that reputation, and rightly so. It is for that reason that the BOSCH company thru the US importer Kitchen Resource L.L.C., instituted their Authorized BOSCH Dealer Program.

In todays world of instant access, companies and individuals can find channels to purchase and resell almost anything. Unfortunately this does not guarantee ethical standards, good customer service or even a commitment to future sales and service. In the spirit of protecting their reputation, the Authorized BOSCH Dealer program does just that. To be an Authorized BOSCH Dealer, the dealer must have a commitment to those very standards, and be knowlegeable and competent to provide the good customer service that is required.

To be sure you are dealing with an Authorized BOSCH Dealer, look for the logo shown above. While it is possible for that logo to be stolen, you may feel free to contact the US importer of BOSCH MUM-Series kitchen machines, Kitchen Resource L.L.C. of Salt Lake City. Feel free to call them to check on a dealer’s standing. Kitchen Resource business manager Linda Marrelli will be pleased to answer your questions. You may call them from 10:00 to 4:00 Mountain Time, Mon.-Fri. Their phone number is 1-800-MY-BOSCH (1-800-692-6724) or 1-801-261-3222.